Gvest Capital LLC

Gvest Capital LLC is a closely held real estate investment company that focuses on the acquisition, development and asset & property management of commercial real estate and structured finance investments. Governed by our collective experience, our investments generate attractive risk adjusted returns, with a focus on value creation, capital preservation and growth.


Gvest focuses on the acquisition, development and asset management of commercial, multifamily and residential real estate investments.

Multifamily and Residential Acquisition and Development
Acquire or develop multifamily and residential projects with unique locational or value characteristics that enhance the living environment of the community.

Single Tenant Structured Finance, Acquisition and Development
Acquire or develop single tenant commercial real estate leased to investment grade tenants.

Opportunistic/Value Add
Gvest invests in select opportunistic and value add real estate transactions.

Gvest pursues its strategy independently and with qualified partners.


At Gvest, we believe that history is an important part of our identity.  We made a permanent move to Charlotte from Manhattan in 2002. Our office is located in the historic Samuel Younts House in Pineville, North Carolina, which is a small town in the suburbs of Charlotte. The Younts House is one of the oldest original structures in the region that has served many purposes since its construction in 1873. You can find us at 136 Main Street.